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Taking back the Web with Haketilo

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Haketilo is a tool that facilitates viewing websites with their original JavaScript replaced by user-provided scripts. It combines the functionalities of content blocker and user script manager. It can be used with its script repository, Hydrilla.

One of Haketilo's aims is to address the issues raised in "The JavaScript trap". It is being developed with hope that it will make more user-controlled "Web" browsing possible.

Haketilo is a free/libre software, TLS-enabled HTTP proxy. As such, it can be used with multiple web browsers, regardless of their native support for some particular addon format.

A browser extension variant of Haketilo also exists and is compatible with Firefox- and Chromium-based browsers that support the Manifest V2 WebExtension format. The browser extension is currently in maintenance mode and does not receive new features.

Available packages

Haketilo can be used both for simple script-blocking and for altering the ways websites are viewed. Its official Hydrilla repository provides a collection of freely-licensed packages that can make several websites viewable again after their original JavaScript is blocked from executing.


Those who knowingly or unknowingly helped the project in some way, receive special thanks.

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User manual

Information about installation, running and some technical aspects of Haketilo operation can be found on project's Redmine-powered wiki. Additional help is provided by Haketilo proxy's builtin documentation which can be viewed from the tool itself.

The documentation of Hydrilla repository server for use with Haketilo can be found on on project's wiki.

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Get involved

Haketilo development currently occurs on project's Redmine instance. Individuals and groups are more than welcome to

One can also email the maintainer of Haketilo, Wojtek Kosior, directly at koszko@koszko.org.

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